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Electrical installation / upgrades
Outdated electrical systems and components should be replaced or upgraded to keep up with the increasing loads of a modern home and the safety that new technology provides.
Exhaust fan systems
Exhaust fans help maintain a great indoor environment. Indoor activities, especially in the kitchen and bath, produce pollution that needs to be exhausted to the outside. Select the proper sized exhaust fan, install it correctly per manufacturer specifications, and provide for some makeup air, and your home ventilation will do its job.
Generator installation
Electric generators are potentially lethal if not used properly. There is a very real risk of injuring or killing someone working on power lines with a generator improperly connected to your home. Homeowners should know the correct way to use a backup generator. We will help you set up a generator transfer panel and make sure it is properly installed.
Complete House automation systems
A home automation system starts with your basic home controller. This is the device that is responsible for integrating the various subsystems (lighting, audio, climate control, video, etc). It also holds all of our advanced programming and configuration.
Landscape and security lighting
Security lights are one of the most practical and effective ways to prevent crime in or around your home or office. In fact, statistics show that a well-lighted property cannot prevent malicious activity or guarantee personal safety, but crimes are less likely to occur because lighting is an excellent deterrent.
Electrical maintenance
The Department of Energy (DOE) recently announced plans for a new consumer education initiative that will be timed to the upcoming changes in light bulb regulation. The initiative aims to provide greater awareness of the overall benefits of the legislative changes and new, "greener" technologies, such as LEDs and CFLs.

VOIP Cableing-Installation
A major development starting in 2004 has been the introduction of mass-market VoIP services over a broadband Internet connection, which allow subscribers to make and receive calls as they would over the conventional telephone network (PSTN or POTS), with similar additional features. Full-service VoIP phone companies provide inbound and outbound calling with Direct Inbound Dialing. Many offer unlimited domestic calling, and some to other countries as well, for a flat monthly fee as well as free calling between subscribers using the same provider.


Nespa Electric | South Florida Licensed Electrical Contractor
Nespa Electric | South Florida Licensed Electrical Contractor
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